Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Journey for Jill Continues

We're adopting again!


Monday, August 6, 2007


We've been negligent in posting but busy getting Jacob adjusted to life in America. Tim did a fantastic job with Jacob in Kaz and on the long flights home. Speaking of flights, I was to meet Tim & Jacob in New York City and return home with them on their final flight. Guess whose flight was cancelled? Mine! So, instead, I joined the throngs on well-wishers at the airport last Saturday, July 28th, for Jacob & Tim's successful homecoming! What a sight! Friends, family, balloons and banners! There were many happy tears but Jacob only smiled and giggled.

First impression of Jacob at home.... that boy can walk! I can't believe it! When we left Kaz, only 51 days earlier, the little guy could barely take a few steps on his own. At the airport, he was steady and truckin' along! Wow! What a difference a few weeks make!

Jacob has settled in nicely and found his groove about 5 days after arriving. He's now sleeping all night long and napping once each day. The honeymoon period may be wearing off with big brother JC as he asked me yesterday "Can Jacob take that with him to Kazakhstan?". Guess JC's not figured out the little big guy is staying for good.

Everyone's asking, "Will you do it again"? Tim says it is up to me. We'll see..... For now, I feel so incredibly lucky to have two awesome boys to call my own.

Many, many thanks to everyone who supported us during this amazing journey! And, thank you God for the many blessings you've bestowed upon our family!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


A very happy Daddy called this morning to say "We're Finished!". Tim and Jacob processed through the Embassy a day early and Tim has all of Jacob's final paperwork, U.S. entry visa and Kazakh passport. He's officially ours now! The only thing left to do is play one more day in Almaty before boarding their Friday AM Virgin Atlantic flight towards home. Yippiee!!!!

Tim was attempting another bath tonight and keeping his fingers crossed it would be less loud than the night before! At least he'll attempt a hair washing. Jacob no-like baths! I write this as JC is begging me to take him down to the dock to swim! Hummm.... Jacob has a lot to learn!

We're so excited the little guy is almost home! Only 71 more hours!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

U.S. Doctor Visit Complete - Check that box done!

One step down, only a few more to go until Jacob & Tim are free to leave Kazakhstan!

Jacob's visit to the U.S. doctor went well. She confirmed Jacob has a little cold but took him off the medications he arrived with from Arkalyk. Tim's relieved he won't have to administer a suppository each night!!!! I think that freaked him out just a little bit! The advice is a dose of Infant Tylenol if he seems feverish or in a little bit of pain. Little Jacob was totally stressed by the doctor's visit and went straight to sleep afterwards. Tim's using the advice of "when the baby sleeps, so should you" and was preparing to nap when we last spoke last night, which was mid-day Kaz time.

They checked Tim into a two-room suite at the Hotel Kazakhstan and he has a view of the beautiful mountain range which is calling his name for a quick look. I think the Wednesday plans are to try out the new stroller and walk as far as they can around and up the mountain paths and perhaps try out the tourist gondola. The weather is perfect, much better than we expected, in the mid to upper 80s by day and 60s by night. This beats the 100+ we'd heard about given the hotel has no air conditioning!

We think the unease with Jacob's paperwork may have been for nothing. Tim did see Jacob's Kaz passport and they were going for passport pics for his U.S. visa. So, hopefully, all is well.

Despite the cold and needing a hair cut, Jacob is doing very well and Tim is too! More on their adventure later!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tim & Jacob are together again!

Tim has Jacob!

Tim arrived without incident (minus the stroller) and is in route right now to the U.S. doctor visit required by the Embassy. Word is, Jacob is being treated for a fever and cold and seems to be feeling "just OK". He was all smiles for Tim when he arrived at the hotel.

Something seems fishy regarding Jacob's paperwork/passport. Tim reports everyone being very vague but he hopes to have an update for me when he calls back later tonight. Surely, after 44+ days, they've had plenty of time to get the paperwork right???!!! Let's just hope so!

Tim's traveling without a laptop so we have no pictures to upload. However, we'll report more ASAP.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The journey continues.... Jacob's left the orphanage!

With only 2 1/2 days left until Tim leaves, word from Kazakhstan is Jacob has left the orphanage and is being cared for by Khibbia's Aunt, the same person who will escort the little man to Almaty to meet Tim. Jacob and his escort are ticketed on the overnight train, leaving Arkalyk Sunday and beginning a long journey towards home. They'll arrive in Astana Monday morning, take an afternoon flight to Almaty and check in to the hotel where Tim will meet them early, early Tuesday morning (his flight lands at 4:40 AM). After that, the escort will leave Jacob in the excellent care of his new Daddy.

I have a big pile of "stuff" for Tim to take with him.... and he thought he'd be traveling light! Included in the pile is a really large stack of paperwork needed to process Jacob through the U.S. Embassy to secure his entry Visa into our awesome country. His Visa allows him immediate citizenship when he touches down on U.S. soil. Very cool!

Last we saw Jacob, he was just beginning to take a few tentative steps. We've been told he now walks very well. Watch out JC! Speaking of JC, he heard me on the phone and demanded, in his 2 year old voice, he speak to "Khibbia in Kazakhstan". I put him on the phone with Khibbia and he asked "Are you bringing me my baby brother? I love him!". We'll see how much love he has when Jacob walks in and wants to play with everything JC considers his own! So far, JC insists he wants to share Abby Dog and Puppy with his new brother... I give it about an hour! :)

Tim leaves Sunday! We should have more to post soon! Thanks for following along!

We're so excited! Only 9 more days until Jacob is home!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back to Kaz in less than a month

Dates to bring Jacob home!!!!

Since our last post, we've learned we need to be back in Kaz on July 24th. Total trip time will be only 7 days this time.... thank goodness. And travel will be back to Almaty, not Arkalyk, since Jacob will be escorted to the "big city" for us. Even though this trip is just 7 days, which seems like nothing compared to trip 1, 7 days is a long time for little JC. Despite many family offers to keep JC, including Aunt Jill & Uncle Eric who did an AMAZING job during our first trip, we've decided I'll stay home and let brave Tim travel to Kaz alone to pick up Jacob.

Tim leaves July 22nd and will arrive in Almaty early on the 24th. Jacob should be waiting for him there. If all goes as planned, Jacob will visit the American clinic for his HIV test and exam on Tuesday and will be processed through the US Embassy on Thursday. Together, Daddy & Jacob will depart for home Friday morning, July 27th, and arrive in New York around 9 PM same day since they'll be chasing time zones backwards. The big bummer is there are no flights home leaving after 9 PM. So, not to miss all of the action, I'll fly to New York that Friday to relieve Tim and reunite with Jacob. Together, the three of us will fly home Saturday morning to introduce JC to his new brother that he now calls "Jakey the Snakey".

We've spoken with Khibiba several times since arriving home and she reports Jacob is doing great. His first birthday is Sunday so Aunt Jill & I will use this as a good excuse to eat some cake :).

We cannot thank everyone enough for all of your thoughts & prayers. We're so excited to be just one month away from bringing Jacob home!